March 2008

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Whining 97% more successful than just asking

Kids these days… Apparently for this “new generation” of one-somethings they no longer feel its necessary to use commonly accepted standards of communication. Whining, or a medium to high pitched “Unnggghhhhaaaaa” polls a higher success rate at getting what you want than simply asking for it. Grunting and pointing at your object of desire follows […]

Walking proof

After many months of patience on my part, the boy has finally decided to get up off his hands and knees. Good on ya, kid. See the rest of the pics here. Enjoy.

Walking, or “can walk”

At what point in your child’s progression do you call it official that they are walking? Tory has been standing for months… About a month ago he took his first steps… and today I witnessed him link 8 or 9 steps. But is that “walking?” He still chooses the crawl as his major mode of […]

Is your child deaf?

We’ve been teaching Tory a few signs with the help of the Baby Signing Time series, and its been fun to watch him learn to communicate with us. It’s also cut down on some of the frustration for him as he can tell us somewhat what he wants. Heavy on the “somewhat.” Eat, all done, […]