Grab em in the nuts, slap em in the ass

Grab em in the nuts, slap em in the ass

Being a parent is a lot like being Christopher Columbus. You’re sailing unknown waters, out on an adventure of discovery, not knowing whats ahead, or when you’ll get there. You think your the first one to do it, the first to see these strange things, even though Erik the Viking and billions of other humans […]

The Secret Weapon

“MAH WINGIE”! the 2 year old said to me. What? “MAH WINGIE, MAH WINGIEEEE”! She said again, this time holding up her finger. Your Finger? “MAH WINGIE”! I could see the relief in her face once I got it. There was nothing wrong with her finger, it was just one of the words she knew […]

The Birth

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Not at all. This was the way we most wanted to avoid. I sit holding the hand of my best friend, lying by my side, surrounded by a sea of blue. I stand up and watch as the surgeons, chatting about sumsuch, cut into a place I know […]