February 2007

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A Few of Tory’s Friends

Here are a few images of Tory’s friends and family. I’m trying to get a shot of everyone who comes by for a visit, but I know I missed a few. Its a great excuse for you to drop on by again. 249

The first month

Its been a month, what has transpired: Jan 8 – Birth Very important step in the development process. Much like the mouth of a great river, all things must start at the source. Apparently this analogy says that birth is the source. Take that, Ponce DeLeone. 6lbs 13oz Jan 12 – First Day Home Bewildering […]

Grab em in the nuts, slap em in the ass

Grab em in the nuts, slap em in the ass

Being a parent is a lot like being Christopher Columbus. You’re sailing unknown waters, out on an adventure of discovery, not knowing whats ahead, or when you’ll get there. You think your the first one to do it, the first to see these strange things, even though Erik the Viking and billions of other humans […]