The first month

Its been a month, what has transpired:

Jan 8 – Birth
Very important step in the development process. Much like the mouth of a great river, all things must start at the source. Apparently this analogy says that birth is the source. Take that, Ponce DeLeone. 6lbs 13oz
Jan 12 – First Day Home
Bewildering for all involved. Mom and Dad find out how much Tory loves riding in the car. Dad becomes extra aware of other cars on the road, and extra critical of their drivers. Mom finds herself staring at the boy a lot. Boy stares back.
Jan 18 – First Doctors visit
Tory gets pediatrician whose doctoral thesis centers on the benefits of vaccinations. Parents find this juxtaposition vaguely amusing. Amusing like getting drinking a soda that tastes like milk amusing. Tory is gaining weight at an astronomical rate. Explains all the extra spit up. 7lbs 8oz. This day also marks the first visit outside of the house.
Jan 20 – First real visit outside of house
Family visits Grandpa and Grandma Moe. Mom packs up the diaper bag for the first live run. Visit highly successful. No one gets killed. We eat pheasant. Boy eats breastmilk. Again.
Jan 23 – Parents start running out of steam
Blissful euphoria starts to wear off. Sleep deprivation setting in. Boy seems happy with 3 hour spurts of sleep. Parents do not. Dad starts to regret an off hand remark made only a few days before -“Its not as hard as I thought it would be.” Infatuation stage transforming into true love stage.
Jan 29 – Boy gets acne
Tory’s face and neck break out in white heads, and one eye starts oozing yellow “stuff.” Told not to worry, its normal. Read books that say not to worry, its normal. Find website that says not to worry – normal. Parents worry if its normal. Also find yellow in corner of eye. Parents wonder where they went wrong.
Feb 10 – Really far visit
Visit Grandpa and Grandma Hoffman. 3 hour tour. Boy likes nook, and car rides. First rest stop diaper change. Goes well. Offend only one person. Family takes over Grandparents house and lives for an entire weekend. A good time is had by all. Everyone gets a chance to be spit up on.

We will see how much steam dad has in chronicling things this tightly. There is so much more to say, and yet maybe I’ve said too much.