An introduction to Baseball

The boy's first Twins game.

Tory and I packed up the Baby Bjorn, some milk and a few diapers – and caught the train downtown to see his first Twins game today. It was also his first ride on the light rail, and his first time at the Metrodome, so there were many new things to look at and drool on. He has taken to grabbing anything within reach, so keeping his hands out of other peoples hair on a packed train was surely entertaining. He’s lucky Minnesotans are so tolerant of infants. Or maybe I’m lucky.

A few friends were there as well… Bridget and Tim, along with her mom and sister (and family), and Heather and Dolf. Bridget got us our ticket that put us down the third base line, lower deck. A nice upgrade from the usual nose bleeder cheap seats.

Tory didn’t pay much attention to the game, but I’m not ready to say he doesn’t like baseball. He’s only interested in things that are within a three foot radius of himself, so lets hope next time we catch a foul ball and he can chew on some real MLB leather. Tim did try and show him how to grip for a Changeup… but with the right hand. We want a lefty Tim, a lefty.

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