Whining 97% more successful than just asking

Kids these days… Apparently for this “new generation” of one-somethings they no longer feel its necessary to use commonly accepted standards of communication. Whining, or a medium to high pitched “Unnggghhhhaaaaa” polls a higher success rate at getting what you want than simply asking for it. Grunting and pointing at your object of desire follows closely behind.

Does this crisis pose a threat to our long term security as a country? What about the terrorists? Could’ve the 911 attacks been avoided had we all simply grunted, and pointed towards China? I don’t think so.

I propose we all write to President Bush, and ask the question: “Is our children learning?” Because if we don’t I’m not sure future generations will be able to put food on their families.

Note: I’m obviously not referring to my child. My parenting skills are above reproach. Most of the time.