A walk in the park

Since it hasn’t been that long since Tory started walking, I’m guessing I’d be asking too much for him to be a jungle gym maniac already. So instead we spent the afternoon observing the other kids play and munching on vanilla wafers (Kari’s out of town, so me and the boy eat what we want).

Eventually we figured out how to climb the stairs to the little slide and we slid down over and over and laughed and laughed. Check out the rest of the set (6 images).

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  1. Dave H.
    at |

    You are a kid after your dad’s heart. Look me up sometime and I can fill you in on how much trouble your dad caused.

  2. Bryan
    at |

    Mr Hartman, is that you?

  3. Dave H.
    at |

    You couldn’t have guessed!!
    It is good to hear your voice in the text on these pages. Looks like life is well*

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