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  1. Jenny
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    Hi there Hoffman-Moe’s~ Nathan and I like Marie the best. Tegan Marie floes real nice. I was thinking Tegan Jennifer Hoffman-Moe, but I think I’m being a little narcissistic with that one.

  2. Bryan
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    Thanks for the comment Jenny, I’ll log your vote.

    You are the only one to vote so far, so if we decide to chose based on this psudo-poll, then you might be the deciding vote. What power, eh?

  3. Michelle
    at |

    I’m voting for Oria. I’ve never heard of it before but like how to go well together.

    Speaking of the new baby = I (we) have a package to mail you that I wanted to arrive before the baby. I’ll ship it off tomorrow!

  4. Michelle
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    Yes. I did graduate from college and am fluent in the English language. I meant to say I like how Oria and Tegan go together :)

  5. Bryan
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    I’m guessing the baby will be here on the 5th. Stab in the dark, really.

    A vote for Oria recorded Michelle.

  6. Bryan
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    Take a look at that emoticon, floating way up there above the copy. Who designed this site??

    I better fix that straightaway.

  7. Bridget
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    I’m not sure what happened to Tegan Patricia, which is my favorite, but if that’s out, I vote for Lea. I like that my middle name has a family tie. Marie is also nice, but it’s common.

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