Hoo-Ray for Underpants!

The karate kid sans nappy
The karate kid sans nappy (Click the image for more)

“Hoo-ray for Underpants!” – These words, uttered by Prairie Dawn in Sesame Street’s Elmo’s Potty Time, are perhaps more exiting to us than to Tory, but he seems pretty excited to wear them none-the-less. Especially since they’re styled with characters from Cars. (Speaking of which, I really should rent that one from Netflix. Tory hasn’t seen it yet).

We’ve had a few mishaps so far, but you gotta spill some milk if you’re going to make an omelet, right?

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  1. Bridget
    at |

    Yeahhh for Tory (Mom & Dad too!)

  2. Grandma Pat
    at |

    Grandma is sooo proud of you! You look very handsome in your “big-boy” pants.
    Love & kisses!
    Grandma Pat

  3. Aunt Tracy
    at |

    I love the undies Tory!
    Miss you, see you soon….Aunt Tracy

  4. carrie
    at |

    Hmmm, nope. I see NO resemblence between Tory and Daddy. None. ha! (yeah right!!)

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