Mystery of the Missing Jewel Fish

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  1. Looking for some advice..I am crruently renting and trying to keep a pulse on the market. It is obvious things are on the downside. My question is how long do I wait it out? Is it worth waiting another year? I am crruently renting with a renewal coming up, and debating to jump into home ownership or rent for another year. I am looking for a multifamily investment property I would occupy. I figure if I hold on to the property long enough, I shouldn’t get burned. Although a lot of the investment property calculations I’ve done depict excessive over valuation, based on asking and recently sold prices.On the other hand, long term I anticipate I would rent the entire property out and move into nice, large single family home, once I start a family barring any major catastrophe. I’ve got a good job, I’m young and sitting on a pile of cash.Appreciate any advice from a seasoned real estate investor!Thanks from a future Jersey real estate investor.

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