The Birth

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Not at all. This was the way we most wanted to avoid. I sit holding the hand of my best friend, lying by my side, surrounded by a sea of blue. I stand up and watch as the surgeons, chatting about sumsuch, cut into a place I know so well. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. But Oh My God how it didn’t matter.

Ever since we got together, Kari and I have been about The Natural. It’s been her influence mostly, but she makes such a compelling case that I’d be an idiot to resist. So it was obvious that we would have a natural pregnancy and birth, just as humans have done for the past umpteenth whatever. No drugs, no interventions, no poking around, no thank you. I was convinced the child would come out in the bag (A sign of luck in some third world countries) – that’s how in to The Natural we are. We knew that an epidural or a c-section was a possibility, but that would only occur if something went wrong, and how could that happen? Kari was taking fish oil, and doing yoga for Pete’s sake.

But it did happen. And wrong would hardly be the word I would use for why. The baby was breech. And it seemed that for all our trying, it wanted to stay that way. We found out pretty late, at 38 weeks, which made it less likely that it would turn. And in the end, it didn’t. And maybe there was a good reason. So Kari had an epidural, and a c-section, and we both had a beautiful new baby boy. His name is Tory.

It was a good first lesson for us. For all the planning and expectations, things don’t always go as you plan. And that’s ok. It makes me wonder why we plan at all sometimes, but I know that’s false. We plan in order to prepare ourselves, and when the plan goes astray, its better to have planed and detoured then to never have planned at all. Ok, that was cheesy, but the point should be there somewhere. Even while we planned pretty exclusively for Plan A, somewhere in the back of our heads we also knew there was a Plan B. And it wasn’t so bad.

We still are planning for The Natural.