The Secret Weapon

“MAH WINGIE”! the 2 year old said to me. What? “MAH WINGIE, MAH WINGIEEEE”! She said again, this time holding up her finger. Your Finger? “MAH WINGIE”! I could see the relief in her face once I got it. There was nothing wrong with her finger, it was just one of the words she knew that others could (eventually) figure out. Her name was Kate, we were staying with her family for a few months during our trip to New Zealand. There are lots of things I remember about that stay, but for some reason, Mah Wingie is one of the most vivid.

Whats that have to do with anything? That word has stuck with me ever since. I use it now and again for various situations I won’t get in to. But recently, I have a really good reason to use Mah Wingie.

Mah Wingie!

It’s my secret weapon. You see, I don’t have a nipple. Not one that the boy likes anyhow. But I do have a Wingie, and in times of trouble, its very effective. I slip my little pinkie finger in, and after a moment or two of adjustment …“What is this thing that is not a nipple that I am going to suck on anyway”?… he is contented. It doesn’t last very long, but its laser guided precision strike has taken out many a squirmy grunty wail, and ensured the peace, however temporarily.

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  1. carrster
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    He is so beautiful! congratulations Bryan & Kari! Thanks for putting up this site so I can keep track of this little guy. I can’t wait to meet him (and Kari!) someday!!

  2. lindy
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    I can’t believe how cute he is!!Can hardly wait to meet him. Bryan your story is so touching. There will be soooo many more to come. Even today someone will say something that will trigger a memory of a time like that and I’ll smile and remember why we have these guys. They are all so important in our lives. Talk to you soon. L

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