Waiting to walk

If you would have asked me 6 months ago when the boy would be walking, I’d have told you it was just around the corner. He was a stellar crawler, and he would stand up holding on to furniture and such.

Ask me now and I may tell you to wait another 6 months… not out of sarcasm, or out of disbelief in the boy’s abilities, but simply for the fact that I don’t know how these things work. Like I said, I would have guessed he’d be doing hurdles by now, but apparently he’s not ready. He’s taken a few steps, and gets real excited about it, but ends up on his butt.

So logically, he’ll be walking next week. But I’m not about to put cash on it. If anyone wants to put up a wager, I’m guessing he’ll be walking in a week to 6 months. HA!