Is your child deaf?


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I have triplet boys, who were born at 27 week, who developed a language of their own. If it weren’t for sign language we would have been in big trouble!

    We are also huge Signing Time (and Baby Signing Time) fans! I really urge you to go to their site and check out the regular Signing Time series 1 and 2 ( My boys are now almost 3 and they know all of their upper and lowercase letters as well as their numbers 1-20. Sign Language is now offered in many high schools across the country as a foreign language.

    I love you, Daddy will come soon enough!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion on the regular Signing Time series. He loves the baby versions so much I’m sure he’ll want more.

  3. Anonymous

    This sounds great. Something I definitely want to do with Dahlia when she’s a bit older. :) Right now I’m all about the smiles and the fact that she LOOKS at things. :0

  4. That last comment was from me btw… ;)

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